Personal Web Sites
One to one-hundred pages. For personal web sites only (non-business related). Offers text, images, and hyperlinks. Perfect for simple, informative, personal Web sites. 
Business Web Sites
Five to two-hundred pages. Offers interactivity not available with a personal website. Ideal for companies looking to advertise products and services to potential customers
Original Graphics
Beachum Studios provides custom graphics including logos, icons, horizontal rules, images, and graphics. Beachum Studios can produce hand-drawn original art, computer-drawn original art, and computer-manipulated artwork. We can transform any supplied graphic or company artwork and logos to images viewable on the Internet. Beachum Studios can also provide graphics for companies to use in their printed materials. This provides cohesiveness between your company’s print advertising and Web page presence.
Imaging and Scanning
Beachum Studios is a leader in high-resolution imaging for both Web presentation and high-quality print production. Our team can scan photographic prints, computer printouts, large format transparencies and 35mm slides. Our talented artists can retouch and manipulate your images to improve their appearance, remove scratches and aging, combine multiple images, change color images to black and white, change black and white images into color and alter specific details to make your images the best they can be. 
Beachum Studios offers custom animation services for our clients. Animation will undoubtedly draw attention to your site. We can also animate company logos, specialty artwork and icons. Web animation will hold a viewer’s attention and draw the viewer into the page content. 
Beachum Studios has an aggressive marketing department that will list your company in hundreds of search engines. Including your World Wide Web address on advertisements, literature, letterhead, and business cards will help promote your product and let customers know how up-to-date your company really is!

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